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Letter 1.1 Tattoos


Happy New Year 2021 Benoit!

Your teachers, at school, are telling you about what they know. That’s not enough.  Take ‘consciousness’ for instance.  Nobody really knows what it is. That does not prevent it for being very important in our life.

We should not ignore the importance of what we don't know like a doctor cannot ignore the illnesses for which he does not have a cure.

We should not ignore

what we don't know !

Lets talk about the questions for which we don’t have a definite answer. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. This is the first step in learning.

tattoo 3.png

Let's start with  the tattoos. It can be a lot of fun!

You know that y​our hair and your nails keep growing. Your skin is renewed every 5 or 6 weeks. Your liver every 8 weeks. Even your skeleton is renewed every 3 months. Some cells of the brain may not get renewed. (and I think that's most unfortunate!)

Next time your mother takes you to a doctor, ask him how if it is true that we renew your skin 10 times a year.  He will say "Yes".

Then ask him how come we keep our tattoos! Remain silent. Give him time to come up with all the wrong answers.  Enjoy!

 Pepe Brainjuice

The answer is in the way we think. Our body does not replace 'our skin' as a whole.  It replaced 'the cells of our skin' one by one. We don't renew our skin one morning like the snake sheds its skin and the lobster molts. We replace one dead cell with one new cell. One at a time. The ink inserted in your skin is not part of your body. It is not replaced any more than the fillings in your teeth. We have to think at the level of the cells, not at the level of the skin.

You don't have to limit yourself to doctors. You can also try it on your parents or your teacher at school or people with a tattoo... Enjoy!

Let's take another example:

When you look at the water in a swimming pool, you see a limpid and homogeneous liquid. When a chemist looks at water, he sees a combination of little atoms of hydrogen and oxygen. Your thinking is at the level of the swimming pool. His thinking is at the level of the atoms.

This is more than a joke. It can be used at many levels.

At our level, Time and Space seem to be two separate elements.  We differentiate between time and space like the chemist differentiate between hydrogen and oxygen.

If we could get our thinking at the level of the solar system everything would be different.

What do you think of the question: "What would happen if some day the moon stops turning around the earth?" This question does not make sense because it separates time and space.


Benoit - If  you like this kind of letters I can send you some more. If you keep them in a corner of your mind and water them, something may grow. If you don't water them.... it was worth trying anyway.

Big hug


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