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Letter 2.2 Heat, light, music, life

Heat, music, light and life do not seem to have much in common.  They do not have a shape, a weight, a color. They don’t melt or conduct electricity. They would not qualify to get in the 5% of what scientists call "our reality”. However they belong to the 95% of dark matter and dark energy and manifest themselves in our 5%. They could open for us a door to the level above ours.

We are not human beings

having a spiritual experience.

We are spiritual beings

having a human experience.

Teilhard de Chardin

Benoit - Where is your center? Is it in your body or in your soul? Where do we find consciousness, memory, love, music, life, feelings, ideas, harmony and our ego?  We have sense organs to make us conscious of our environment. It would be nice to have sense organs to make us conscious of what is most important in our life.

What would you think of a sense organ that would let us see each other’s soul? That would save a lot of time trying to know each other. We would not feel so lonesome in our isolated skin.

Let’s start with ‘heat’:

Can you imagine heat without something being hot? A little cloud of heat floating in the air!  This is what we do when we calculate how many calories are necessary to heat water from one temperature to another.

We know that heat can move from one object to another. It penetrates matter without getting attached to it. Do you know why you get burned from time to time? It is because you are not directly conscious of heat. You are only conscious of its consequences. A blister is one of them.

I don’t create heat when I light up a fire.  Heat existed on earth a long time before I was born.  Starting a fire only makes a flow of heat penetrate our material world. I open a way for heat to manifest itself like the water running through a ditch irrigates a field.


What can we learn from music?

We don’t create sounds. We only open the door and let them enter our life.


We should not say that sounds do not exist when there is no vibration in the air. The ability to make sounds always exists in nature even when this ability is not implemented. You would not say that a song does not exist because nobody is singing. You would not say that somebody cannot talk because he remains silent.

Pinching a cord creates a way for sounds to enter our world. The wind, the waves and the lightning are opportunities for sounds to manifest themselves. Sounds exist in the immaterial world and from time to time we make them enter our material world. This is what happens when we talk. We start from an idea in the immaterial world and make it manifest itself in our 5% world. To speak is to create. “At the beginning was the word”.

There is something more in music. We get introduced to a cycle. It starts in the composer’s mind. Thanks to the musician, the music enters our material world. Then the music penetrates the individual listener.  Dancing is our way to help the music penetrate our body. The music gives wings to our feelings and lets us close the loop with the immaterial world. Music makes us part of a cycle uniting us with the 95%.

Web life 1.jpg

‘Life’ is more complicated:

Life could be in an animal (or a humans) like heat is in an object. It could transform us without being attached to us. What we call death is when life leaves our body. That does not mean that it leaves our soul - Does it? Do you think that an individual life could merge with another life like heat can merge with more heat? This is what lovers are aiming for. Our literature is full of it. That could explain some attempts to associate love and death.

‘Light’ seems to be even more complicated:

Scientists are not very happy with a light that cannot choose between radiation and particle. For a long time they thought that light was going straight but now they have to admit that it could get bent.

light 2.jpg

Some of our experiments give light an opportunity to manifest itself in the particle world. Other experiments give it an opportunity to manifest itself in the radiation world. We can also imagine its entry into other worlds such as the world of heat (that we feel on our skin) or the world of vitamins (that the sunlight makes in contact with our skin) or the world of the music of the spheres. There could be other ways for light to manifest itself that we are not aware of. 

It seems to me that we could use heat, light, life and music as a guide in our search for a higher world.

“If you wish to understand the universe,

think of energy, frequency and vibrations”.


What makes it even more difficult is that we learned to think at the level of matter and we now have to think at the level of life.

"We search with our mind

but we find with our heart."

Georges Sand


Pepe Brainjuice 

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