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Letter 1.15 -Making a film

Dear Benoit,


I think that those letters should become family tradition. When you get old and have something to say but nobody listens to you anymore, the time has come to write a letter to your grand-children on the internet. That would let the old people blow some steam and purge their brain juice. They would have a better nap after lunch.


Making a film:

Have you thought of using what we don't know to make a horror film? It can be done!

The basic idea could be that humans are very vulnerable. They come in two parts: the conscious and the unconscious and the link between them is not reliable. Whoever can bypass the conscious mind can get control.

How can you feel secure when it takes only a few minutes for an hypnotist to bypass your conscious mind and get control? Everybody should be scared.

Can you be sure that the Martians are not using us?  We are using animals to change grass into meat.  

Could planet earth be a love farm and humans used as a herd changing vegetables into feelings?

If you don't want this idea to be rejected outright, you will need the cooperation of the conscious mind.

Be patient. Proceed one step at a time.

 Let the viewer draw himself the line between fiction and reality. Start with something everybody will agree with.

You could say, for instance, that we spend most of our time taking care of our body and don't pay enough attention to our soul.

So far, the majority of the viewers should agree with you. Then you move to surprising facts:

The Near Death Experience (NDE) was an accident. During surgery some patients found themselves out of their body and fully conscious. That was a revelation.  Not only was it possible for human beings to be out of their body but immaterial life was much more interesting than we expected. It was like getting out of a jail. Freedom at last! Plato's allegory of the cave was a profound reality.  The human species was trying to get out of its body like the baby tries to distance itself from the ground and stand on his own feet...  and falls.

The next step is to talk about authentic facts that few people know.

There are also rumors of secret contacts that governments have with aliens. During the race to the moon between the USSR and America in the 1960's both sides suspected that the Martians could be on the moon. The first one to get in contact with them would dominate the earth. The first astronauts to land on the moon had two separate ways to communicate with earth. One was for the public. The other was to communicate secretly with the military. After we found that there was no Martian on the moon the USSR was in no hurry to get there.

In Nevada, near Death Valley, the US government has a research center. We only know its name: Area 51. In the desert nearby thousands of small planes have crashed for unknown reasons. We suspect that their instruments stopped functioning properly. Is it a coincidence that people who had an NDE have problems with electronic instruments? Many of them cannot use digital watches. 

Your audience is now ready to get closer to 'real fiction'.

In a top secret military center, an investigator has been selected to be our contact man with the aliens. He is one of the few who can separate himself from his body through meditation. Here is what he was told last week by a foreign visitor: 

"How do you explain the construction of the pyramids in Egypt? How do you explain the Maya civilization? How do you explain the Bermuda triangle? How do you explain that what is happening today in China did not happen 200 years ago? Humans can no longer ignore that they don't dominate the universe. They cannot ignore the many evidences right under their nose."

"You are using matter to make machines. You are using plants and animals as food. You are using and abusing your environment. You should not be surprised to learn that you are being used by the level above you. No wonder that your astronomers could not find us! They are looking for bodies in the stars instead of looking for souls on earth. We have been with you all the time. 

Let me tell you how we control the human life. It is very simple. You use your thinking to control the life of cows and chickens and farm animals. The level above controls the level below. We do the same. An hypnotist can bypass your conscious mind and insert whatever he wants in your subconscious. This is what we do. Whatever we insert in your subconscious becomes part of yourself. You have no way to know that it is not really YOU. This is how we control your life. Your chickens transform their food into eggs and you collect the eggs. Earthlings transform their food into feelings and we collect the feelings. All that is very simple and very natural. Your masochism makes it even easier.

Don't complain. It is not so bad. We take care of you like you take care of your chickens. Do you realize that you made more than 1500 atomic bombs in half a dozen countries. All it would take is that two of those countries start fighting and that would be the end of the Homo sapiens! Without our supervision you would have wasted a few million years of evolution. You should be thankful for our help.

All we want is to harvest the feelings that you generate.  Our first choice is your love of the world. The love of a mother for a child is also very appreciated. We also harvest adult love but it is second choice. It has to be cleaned of sexual attraction, cleaned of the need to belong, the need to feel safe and even the need for money. You should try to improve the quality of your product. Greed, hate, jealousy and the like are left on earth for you to recycle. You call it your Karma."

Be nice. If you want your film to be successful, you have to give your public some reason to hope.  Your foreign visitor could announce:

"Getting  access to higher consciousness would solve many of your problems. It could even be necessary to your survival.  This is where you will find the explanation of your NDE, your Asperger syndrome and other 'accidents' coming your way.  Instead of burying yourself in the material world, why don't you try to free yourself from that jail and move up to the immaterial. There is a completely new universe up-there waiting for you. Abandon your toys and become an adult."

People will use your film to satisfy their need for sadomasochism. Nothing special here. They have a history of using whatever is at their disposal to satisfy that basic need. The more masochism they have, the more they will believe and like your film. It is your responsibility not to abuse your power.  The best you can do is to plant a little seed and let them water it......  themselves. The seed is only the implementation of an idea. Nothing more but nothing less.

Don't forget to include a love story in your film

Love story.jpg

You will have to give people an idea of what is an out-of-body love. Take two beams of light. One blue and one yellow. They represent your two lovers. At their intersection the color green appears. Your lovers don't lose their personality but they have been transformed. The contact of two bodies is very limited compared with this union of colors. Your lovers are united like the oxygen and the nitrogen in the air that you breathe. The color green means that each one becomes half-a-couple. Many earthlings don't make this transition from an isolated being to becoming half-a-couple. What they know of love is nothing compared with what they could experience out of their body. 

You may think of including a love story between an Earthling and a Martian. That may be premature. Your public may not be ready. For a love story between planets to be accepted it should happen at night, when they are asleep 


What is important is to let people free to decide where they want to draw the line between reality and fiction.

Pepe Brainjuice

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