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Good morning Benoit!


Letter 1.13- World creation

Big bang 3.jpg

You cannot study man without looking at his environment. As you grow up you will ask yourself how you got here. We have several answers at your disposal. They go from the instant Big Bang to a creation that took 6 or 7 days and all the way to an evolution that takes millions of years without any completion date. The fact that diverse explanations are available means that we still don't have a definite answer. You are free to make your own. The sky is the limit!  

Let me tell you about my ‘Sunlight theory’.

I tried reverse engineering. You look at the results and you try to guess how to get there. That did not get me very far. No more than a few million years and I could not go any further.

-  I started by watching humans and animals feeding on plants. Our body need at least 60 minerals (such as Calcium, iron, magnesium…) This is not something the body can manufacture. They must come from the soil. The plants use the microorganisms in the soil to predigest the minerals. We need the plants to ‘precook’ our minerals before we can assimilate them.  I decided that plants must have been created before animals and humans. That's reasonable - Isn't it?

- Plants grow in a thin layer of arable earth around the planet. Without it there would be no plants, no animals and no humans.  I decided that our thin layer of arable land must have been created before the plants. You agree - Don't you?


This is where the problem starts. Where does arable earth come from? You have been told that when the light of the sun falls on an object, only its color is reflected to our eyes. Massimo Scaligero even says that we live in a dead world. We ignore most of what the sun is sending us. We only see colors. Humans are not conscious of the infrareds and the ultraviolets. What happens to the rest of the sun’s light? If you want details read The light by Massimo Scaligero. (I must warn you that this is not the kind of literature you take to bed with crackers).

It is estimated that the earth has been receiving an "average over the entire earth"of 164 to 340 watts per square meter every day.  This is much more than all the energy used every day, all over the world. This downpour of energy has been going on for millions of years. What happened to all that energy falling on the ground? We don't notice it because it is delivered in relatively small doses (compared to what the sun can do) but we cannot ignore its cumulative effect. Here is my explanation of the arable land. It was produced by exposing the earth to the effect of the sun for millions of years. This exposure is still going on. There is more to come.


You could say that the arable earth, the plants, the animals and mankind are an “implementation” of the light received from our sun during millions of years. We start with a piece of rock, six millions years ago. Very slowly, the light from our sun transforms this rock and creates a thin layer of arable land. Under more sun, plants start growing, followed by animals and the human specie.

That's only half the story. This is only the material aspect of our sun's influence. The immaterial side of the sun's light was also transforming the earth. It created what we see today as heat, life, consciousness, love and all those things that are very important in our life but don't have a shape and a weight.

I cannot prove it, of course. This is not a domain where you can make experiments.

L13 sun implementation

Let’s keep dreaming!

What I like about this idea is that it fits very well with the Big Bang. The two opposites balance each other. The Big Bang uses a lot of energy but no time and no space. The exposure to the sun for millions of years uses only small doses of energy but needs a lot of time and a lot of space. Those two seem to be made for each other. We are part of that evolution. We are part of the creation of the world. You participate to the creation of the universe every day of your life. Congratulations Benoit! Keep going.

I think that the problem with my reverse engineering is that it based on “time” alone. You cannot isolate time from the rest of the world. You cannot imagine that the stars were created in space, without moving, and time was added later to make them move. You cannot imagine that the moon could stop turning around the earth. Time and space come together like oxygen and hydrogen make water. That could be more than the human brain can handle. That does not mean that the creation of the universe has to follow our way of thinking. 

If something like the Big Bang

can happen in the material world something similar could happen in the immaterial world.

My reverse engineering cannot go back more than a few million years. This is not much for as planet that is 13 billion years old.  Something must be missing. If something like the Big Bang can happen in the material world, something similar could happen in the immaterial world.

The answer could be in "the two slit experiment". This is where scientists can see particles and radiations that they can’t explain. They don’t like it. Nature has a message for us: “You have been looking at your environment in an over-simplistic way. You need a way of thinking a little more elaborate.” What I remember from this experiment is that light should be treated as an entity made of two components. There is the material part (the particle) and an immaterial part (the radiation). Sometimes only one will appear in our material world. However both are always present.  To separate them is like trying to severe the link between a human body and his soul. Look at nature around you. It is made of association of opposites. Something immaterial must have been attached to my piece of rock 6 million years ago. Cosmic rays affect the DNA. They trigger mutations and open the door to evolution. 

Massimo Scaligero goes as far as saying that by the time the light of the sun hits our eyes it has lost most of its content. It has been reflected and is dead. We live in a dead world. There could be much more in the sun's light than what we are aware of. According to Scaligero we are surrounded by a world of which we know very little. It would be difficult to explain what is color to somebody who is color blind. The light of our sun is the source of everything on earth and we are not conscious of it. We are 90% blind. If he is right, we may have to rediscover through our thinking what the primitive people who venerated the sun already knew through their intuition.

We also have the big conflict between expansion and contraction.

Astronomers are telling us that the universe is expanding. The distance between us and other galaxies keeps increasing. This is not a theory. They measured it. That seems to be consistent with their exploding Big Bang.

They are also telling us about universal attraction. Our sun is attracting the earth and we have good reasons to believe in gravity. How can you have expansion and contraction at the same time? I think that we have no choice. We cannot change the galaxies. We have to change our way of thinking. We have to start with the idea that contraction and expansion can coexist in the universe. You could imagine that some "entity" was split into two opposites. One became universal attraction and the other became expansion of the universe. You may find this a bit difficult to swallow. Keep in mind that the universe is much more complicated than anything the human brain can handle.

Work in progress

big bang 4.jpg

After a very slow beginning the evolution started to speed up ....  slowly, maybe, but consistently. The apparition of life was followed by the shellfish, the dinosaurs, the mammals, the Neanderthals, the caveman and us - every step being shorter than the step before. It seems that planet earth and its inhabitants are offering less and less resistance to the influence of their sun. Aren’t you glad that you are participating to the creation of the universe? We may be very (very) small but we are part of something really (really) great!

The question remains of what happens at point zero of the Big Bang.  Your ideas are as good as any and you are free to imagine.

Let’s take a planet completely covered with oceans. Water unlimited! An asteroid (or something else of your choice) falls on it and creates a big wave. This wave propagates in all directions and finally gets back to the other side of the planet. The movement instantly changes from one direction to the opposite direction and the cycle continues. This is our Big Bang. We go from one Big Bang on one side of the planet to another Big Bang on the other side. It is bouncing on itself. That would not surprise you – would it?


Let’s go back to our materialistic world. We use an epicyclic. Nothing new. The epicyclic was already used in 1909 in the Ford’s Model T. 

You can skip what is in the indent if turning gears makes you dizzy.

Torque vs Speed.png

In the function y = 1 / x your math teacher told you that the point disappears at one end and reappears, by magic, at the other end.

This experiment will show you what happens in-between.

On its way from one extreme to the other, the point goes through the origin x=0  y=0. 

What is interesting is that the point of origin could represent the Big Bang

The epicyclic uses 3 gears:

Va – in yellow - is the ‘sun gear’ in the center.

Vb – in green - is the ‘planet gear’ – Vb is the speed of its center.

The reason we have 3 green gears is to balance the mechanics.

For our explanation one green gear would suffice.

Vc  - in blue - is the ‘ring gear’ outside.


Va + Vc = 2 Vb.


The experiment:

Step 1: The sun gear, in yellow, turns clockwise at constant speed Va.

The green gears can spin around its axis but its axis (in black) does not move. Vb = 0

You can see that the outside gear, in blue, is going to turn counterclockwise. Vc <0

Step 2: The sun gear, in yellow, does not turn. Va = 0

The center of the green gear (in black) turns clockwise. Vb > 0

You can see that the outside ring gear, in blue, turns clockwise. Its speed is double the speed of the center of the green gear. Vc = 2 Vb

Step 3: It is a combination of step 1 and step 2

The yellow gear, in the center, keeps turning clockwise at constant speed Va = Ct

We keep increasing the speed of the center of the green gear, clockwise. Vb keeps increasing.

What happens is that the outside gear, in blue, starts by tuning counterclockwise, then its speed decreases to zero before it starts turning in the opposite direction.

Between changing direction, the outside gear goes through the speed zero.

Lets see what happens to the torque transmitted from the yellow gear Va to the outside gear Vc.

                                                       Power = Torque x Speed.

When the speed slows down to zero, the torque increases indefinitely.

When the speed of the outside gear Vc is zero, no toque is transmitted.  The planet gear Vb, in green, keeps rolling on the outside blue gear Vc without transmitting any torque.

As soon as Vc gets turning in the opposite direction, the torque is very high again.

The experiment shows that we go from a torque indefinitely high in one direction and down to zero before getting indefinitely high in the other direction.  The point of origin, zero, is part of the curve.

Put Time on one axis and Space on the other and the Big Bang will nicely fit in the center.

The advantage with the epicyclic is that you can make an experiment. Do you see the similarity with the tsunami bouncing on itself?

Optic 4.png

You have something similar in optic where the image of an object goes through a point before being reversed 

sixtine chapel 2.jpg

Michael Angelo makes you focus on a point

in the empty space between the two fingers

I agree that this is far from a scientific proof. I told you not to expect measurements and scientific theories. Only clues.

The idea to remember is that you can have bouncing in the infinite. The speed of the stars could increase indefinitely until they bounce on themselves and start going in the opposite direction. It is a crazy idea. I know. What is interesting is that we have an experiment to prove it.  “As below, so above”.

You could also investigate the idea of placing the Big Bang or a Black Hole at the center and their opposite at the periphery - with a network of many Big Bangs and only one opposite. The sky is the limit!

In the universe, one Big Bang produced trillions of stars. In a human body one simple cell produces the 100 trillion of the cells making our body. As above, so below. That should be balanced by the opposite phenomena. All the cells in our body are making one individual. Something similar must link all the stars.


Let's go back to reality!

Exploring other planets could reveal different stages of exposure to the light of their sun. Planets far away from their sun receive less radiation and could still be at the rock stage. Planets closer to their sun could tell us who will come after the human beings. The sun itself may be following its own evolution under the evolution of the milky way…  


Benoit - I would be disappointed if you embrace all those ideas. I expect you to tear them apart and look in the debris if there is something you can recycle.  Let's keep in mind that any explanation that the human brain can understand must be an over-over-simplification to the point that it could become meaningless.

Let’s be humble! We are only starting to explore what we don't know.

Pepe Brainjuice

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