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Letter 2.1  An Alien point of view

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Benoit - You may have a chance, in your lifetime, to travel to other planets and

pay a visit to our neighbors. Are you ready?

You may face something like this:

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An Alien point of view:

  •  Planet earth comes in layers: Matter – Plants – Animals – Humans. In those conditions

we can understand that it was easier for humans to start by using matter than try to conquer

the levels above them. They used stones to make tools. That kept them busy for thousands of years. They are now trying to master the level of plants. They saw the seeds falling on the ground and being wasted. They thought that they could get more to eat by collecting the seeds and burying them at the right place. That was the beginning of their agriculture. It was a good idea but it took them 200000 years. Without their big ego they would have said: “How come it took us so long to get such a simple idea! We must not be very bright!”

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  • We have been watching the humans for many centuries. There is something about them that we don’t understand. Something must be missing somewhere. For instance they cannot accept the idea that something bigger than themselves can be alive. They have no problem with viruses, microbes, bacteria, fish, cats and dogs being alive but they cannot accept the idea that life was also implemented in planets, solar systems and galaxies.  They see in their own planet nothing more than a stack of raw materials. How can you be so blind! We know that their eyesight is limited between red and violet. This is not an excuse!

dod blind.png

Something else:  They don’t know which food is good for them and which mushroom will poison them. All the animal knows what is good for them. This is basic. Humans don’t have that. We also found out that they can never be sure of the consequences of their actions. How can you survive in those conditions? This is suicidal. They want to live in society in spite of the fact that they don’t know what other people think of them. That means that they want to be surrounded by others but at the same time remain isolated from each other. Go figure! 

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  • We – the Aliens - don’t understand the fights inside the same species. You have to kill your microbes to stay in good health. That’s OK. Wherever there is life, there are species fighting for their survival. Different species kill each other as a way to maintain a balance where everybody can survive.  We first assumed that it was something normal on that planet. In the spring the trees grow new leaves. In autumn the leaves fall and regrow the next year. People build cities and destroy them before rebuilding new ones. That did not explain why they kill each other. We had to go deeper. Today we think that there is a lack of balance between their thinking and their feelings. Making atomic bombs or biological weapons requires a lot of thinking but no feelings. To the contrary. Feelings would get in the way. You cannot let thinking free to go in all directions. Thinking  needs to be guided by feelings. Those people are feelings deprived. They think that they are the master of their ship when, in fact, they are only trying to master the wind blowing in their sails.

Aliens 1.jpg
  • "If we, all over the Milky Way, could choose our neighborhood, we would rather stay away from the humans. You are not the kind of neighbors we like to have. Not only do you pollute your air and your water but you even send your plastic all the way down to the bottom of the oceans. What worries us is that we don’t see any limit to your inconsiderate behavior. Before your arrival, planet earth had blue sky, clear water and no need for dumps. A little paradise. If you really want to do something to save the earth, you should move to another planet. There are millions of them at your disposal. There must be one already covered with trash where you would feel at home.

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  • You have reached the point where you could send atomic bombs over the whole universe.​ We want to warn you. Don’t cross that line. There is life outside the earth and this life will fight for its survival. You are not the landlord of the universe. Your way of thinking comes from the matter's level, and more recently from the plants' level. Radioactivity lasts for thousands of years. Time combined with space gives movement and movement brings life.  To master radioactivity, you need to reach a new level and become directly conscious of life. That took us many years. You will master that level like you mastered fire - by getting burned. That's your problem. Not ours. Life outside your planet will fight for its survival and treat you like a cancer cell. We have our own dump. It is what you call a ‘black hole’. We have different sizes for different uses. Thousands of stars have been sent there to be recycled. This does not happen at random. You could be next.

  • In the 20th century we saw a burst of ideas among earthlings.

Not a lot of feelings but many ideas that they are using to remodel their environment. With ideas they can make things. They have surrounding themselves with more and more things. This is the influence of their body pulling them down to the material world. They don’t seem to differentiate between producing food and producing atomic bombs. When they get an idea, the only guiding principle is “Will it sell”? As long as it is legal and makes money, they will do it. No feelings attached.

There is no future in matter. Don’t you see that this is a dead-end? The time has come for some self-restraint.

Without some limitation in their thinking, humans would create more and more things until they are buried under their own creations. What gives a sense to life is to look up to the levels above instead of looking down to the levels below.

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Web UFO 1.jpg
Web UFO 2.jpg
  • You spend a lot of time and efforts transporting your bodies. You tried to use horses but you prefer to use machines like cars, trains, bicycles, subways, planes, buses…. The basic idea is always the same. You put the bodies in a box and move the box.  

Web Speed limit.jpg

​Have you ever considered leaving your body wherever it is and traveling only with your soul? That may sound crazy but this is what you are doing already every evening when you fall asleep. Look at somebody asleep and it is obvious that there is nobody home. The body was left in bed like the car in the garage.

The only problem is that you are not conscious of what happens when you sleep and you decided that what you are not conscious of does not exist. The time has come for humans to accept reality. You cannot travel across the universe dragging your body behind you wherever you go. Even if you find a way to reach the speed of light, intergalactic travel would take too long. All you need is a way to do consciously what you have done, so far, unconsciously. It should not be that difficult !

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  • We are waiting to see if your feelings will follow the same development as your thinking. We hope that a burst of feelings will come and develop your poetry, your music, your painting… with the same enthusiasm that you developed your machines. We can understand that your body is pulling you down. This is where your center of gravity is. Getting out of this predicament is not easy. Historians will call that your ‘Middle Ages’. You don’t have much choice. Either you get out of there and join the rest of the universe or you will be ‘recycled’.

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  • Humans have been on earth for more than 4 million years.  Mother Nature was not satisfied with the Homo habilis, the Cro Magnon, the Homo erectus, the Neanderthal….   We are curious to see if the Homo sapiens are going to make it! 

Are you sure – Benoit – that you are ready to travel?

Pepe Brainjuice 


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