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Letter 1.9 - A game

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Dear Benoit,

Let's assume that we can justify everything we are doing. Behind every action there is a motivation.

I tried to make a (partial) inventory of the main motivations governing our life.

This is only a beginning. You can add more columns and more lines. Don't try to be perfect (You will never be happy!)


It seems to me that there is a lot of sadomasochism in many things we do. Why would we make ourselves suffer? ..... because we are masochists!

I am not sure of the connection between Love and Consciousness. Are we conscious of love or is it love that makes us conscious?  Both seem to come from a level way above mankind. Does love make you feel safe?  You decide.

It seems that most of what we do could be explained by a few motivations. What do you think is most important in your life? Could it be 'Ego gratification'? 'Increased consciousness'? Are we underestimating masochism?

Pepe Brainjuice

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