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Letter 1.5 - The human body

Dear Benoit,

I know that you have had many medical check-ups and X-rays and vaccines and blood analysis. That does not mean that you know your body. Let's go back to basics.

It all started with only one cell. You could look at this original cell like the Big Bang of your body. The contribution of our parents was limited to the introduction of a spermatozoid to an ovule. What happened after that was completely out of their control. The first cell got divided in 2, 4, 8, 16… Those cells knew how to 'grow and multiply'. They did not wait for directions from a human brain. The process is totally independent of human thinking. It kept going whether your mother wanted to get pregnant or not. She could not even choose to have a boy or a girl, which, in my opinion is a bit rude. This is not the way to treat a woman. You may say that everything is controlled by the genes but our genes do not wait for a human opinion.

During her pregnancy, your mother was used, by nature, to provide a favorable environment to the embryo. She was used to provide food and shelter.

The result is a human body that is much more complicated than anything a human brain can conceive:

  • 30000 to 50000 different proteins

  • 60000 different kinds of toxins

  • Between 75000 and 100000 genes

  • More than one million of different kinds of bacteria in your mouth alone.

  • 10 million different types of blood cells

  • Trillions of cells organized in groups within groups and reacting with other groups

  • Every second our body completes about 500 trillion faultless copies of hemoglobin, a protein containing 10000 atoms in 574 amino acids.

  • Number of organisms in the digestive system: 100 000 000 000 000 

  • and much more...

All this is done without any help from the brain. We are not even conscious of it. Our body comes from another world!

Nothing in a human body was created by a human brain.

At birth, the womb is replaced by the air that you breath, the light of the sun, the food of the earth. Your environment  moves from the womb to planet earth.  You can imagine that the same process will continue after your death. You could move from planet earth to the solar system. Why not?

It will be your responsibility, all your life, to do for your body what your mother did for the embryo and provide your body with a favorable environment.


We have a body and a soul. Our body is pulling us down to the material world. Our soul is pulling us up toward the immaterial such as love, harmony, consciousness... The soul has to take care of the body. She has to feed it several times a day, keep washing it, maintain it at constant temperature, take it to the dentist, to the doctor, to provide glasses, to teach it to speak, to think…  Human bodies are high maintenance and they are not very convenient. They cannot walk very far, they cannot run very fast. All kinds of machines are needed for their transport. Not only do they need shoes but they also need cars, trains, buses, bicycles, metros, planes, ships, rockets…  Our soul has to drag that body wherever it goes and if you don’t do everything right - it hurts. A real pain! 


For many years I thought that society was taking care of my body. When I have a toothache, I go to the dentist and he takes care of my teeth. When I have problem reading, I go to the oculist and he has the right glasses for me. I assumed that when I am sick, the doctor had a cure for my disease. We make our contribution to society and society will take care of us. I thought I could delegate my health to society. That was a mistake. Your body is not a tool that you can use and abuse and give to someone else when repairs become necessary. Your body is part of your life and you cannot delegate your life to someone else. You will be held personally responsible for whatever happens to your body. Medicine says that the life expectancy of humans is between 120 and 140 years. This is your goal.

Medicine can help but its help is limited. It is in human nature to split a big problem into several smaller problems and try to solve each one separately. The bigger the problem, the more pieces we create. Do you remember the 5 white balls and the 5 black balls in a bag? We could not take two balls at the same time. That was too much for the human brain. We had to divide the problem into smaller ones.


I looked at the medical profession. The human body is a big problem. We tried to break it into many pieces. How many pieces do you think were needed?

I found many branches such as angiology, audiology, cardiology, dentistry, dermatology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, geriatrics, gynecology, hematology, hepatology, infectious disease, neurology, nephrology, oncology, ophthalmology, pathology, pediatrics, pharmacology, radiology, rheumatology, surgery, urology…… 

I also found dieticians, dentists, neurologists, nutritionists, holistic doctors, general practitioners, therapists, pharmacists, occupational therapists, naturopathic doctors, massage therapists, pediatricians, optometrists, chiropractors, obstetricians, psychiatrists, radiation therapists, nuclear medicine technologists, acupuncture, sport medicine, genetic counselors…. orthotic and prosthetics professionals….. speech pathologists…..  radiation therapists….

We have to accept the idea that the human brain is no match for the complexity of the human body. To pretend that "we know better" is nothing more than an ego trip.

In this field, we don’t have a simple relation of cause and effect. We have a group of causes that can produce different effects in different people. A medical doctor can give you medication that will help you live with your symptoms for the rest of your life. Don’t expect him to spend one hour with every patient trying to identify the cause of their problem. After your MD has identified your disease and treated the symptoms, it is your responsibility to find in the many medical professions which one can help you find the cause of your disease and tell you what has to change in your life to restore good health.

I can save you some time if you have a chronic disease - I mean a disease that lasts more than a year. They seem to have one cause in common: Our soil is getting depleted.

Dr Wallach made the inventory of the minimum food that we need to survive. He found that the human body requires 60 minerals, 16 vitamins, 12 amino acids and 2 fatty acids. This is the minimum that our food should provide. Unfortunately, you are lucky if you get half of this minimum requirement. Our soil is getting depleted by intensive agriculture. Our body tries to compensate for the shortcomings. As this task becomes more and more difficult, more illnesses will appear. It is estimated that one of the basic minerals missing for a long period of time opens the door to an average of 10 illnesses.

That would give you a potential of 600 illnesses. More than half of them are already known. More are on the way. Those numbers are very approximate. I am not a doctor. I only want to give you an idea of the complexity of the situation. You will not solve that problem by getting on a diet. The whole world is already on a diet. It is a diet of insufficient minerals, vitamins and amino acids. Minerals have to come from the soil and we are not getting them. This applies whether you are carnivore or vegetarian. We have a lesson to learn. It is

“Use but don’t abuse” the soil of planet earth.

Could we say that the brain is an organ of the human body? We use our legs to walk and our brain to think. If a mineral deficiency can bring illnesses, the same mineral deficiency could bring ill thinking. That could explain some of those things you read in newspapers. Have you ever considered to be a psychiatrist? You could investigate if some people got to jail because of a lack of minerals!

Food supplements:

In the meantime, you need a short-term solution. Investigate the food supplements. You want to give your body the nutrients it needs and eliminate as many illnesses as possible from your life. The goal is to die in good health, like a candle that burned all the way to the end.


Don’t wait until you are an old man to get control of your body (like I did).

It was only a few years ago that I got conscious of my predicament. I went to my Medical Doctor for a check-up. I was complaining of kidney stones appearing more and more often. The doctor told me that, someday, one of them will be bigger than the others. The ambulance will take me to emergency. It will be more painful than giving birth. I will be operated using ultra-sounds. He did not have any prevention. In other words: “Keep walking to the cliff. We will catch you when you fall”. I went back home feeling like I was alone facing Goliath. I searched You Tube. This is how I found out that my body had a shortage of calcium. My immune system was trying to compensate for this deficiency by cannibalizing my skeleton. This was the cause of my kidney stones. I also learned that we need magnesium to assimilate calcium. The solution was to take a food supplements rich in calcium and magnesium. What I needed was not an operation. It was only some calcium and some magnesium. That was more than five years ago.  I have not had any kidney stones ever since.

I also learned that my prostate needed zinc. There is no need to vandalize the canal going through the prostate. This canal is in perfect condition. Leave it alone. The problem is that the prostate is squeezing the canal because it is starving for zinc. I gave it a food supplement rich in zinc. Within two weeks I did not have to get up at night anymore.

The big problem of the 21st century is cancer. We are told that in 2020, we have 1 chance out of 3 to die of cancer. In 1985 it was only 1 chance out of 20. We must be doing something wrong somewhere. I could not sit down and say: "OK!  One chance out of 3 to die of cancer? Let's do it!". I wanted to do something about it. I searched "cancer", "cancer cure", "B17", "apricot seeds", "laetril" and everything else I could find. Today I take 5 or 6 apricot seeds every day- the bitter ones. If, some day, I get cancer, at least, I will know that I did what I could to avoid it.


You may think that you don’t need all that. You are young and eternal. Keep in mind that you have the use of a body much more complicated than anything you can imagine. It comes from another world. You can use it but you are responsible for its maintenance. A lawyer would say that you only have the 'usufruct' of your body. To waste it is to waste your life. The sooner you start food supplements, the more illnesses you will avoid. Be humble. Keep in mind that your body knows how to use the food you provide. It knows which nutrients should become muscle, blood, heat, brain, nerves, hair or sweat. You are only a provider of food and shelter. This is your main responsibility. Try to do it right.

Virgin birth: Not only there are many things that we don't understand about our body but there is a lot more that we don't know. In the Louisville zoo a female python gave birth to 6 little pythons without being in contact with a male. We are told in the same article that virgin births also happened to chickens, turkeys, komodo dragons, hammerhead sharks, amphibians, reptiles, cartilaginous and bony fish and even song birds. It is called parthenogenesis. It happens for reasons we don't quite understand.

Think about it: If we don't mow the lawn, the grass will reproduce through the seeds. The grass has two ways to reproduce, through the roots and through the seeds. If the python can reproduce without a male and the grass has two ways to reproduce, it would not be impossible for mankind to have more than one way to reproduce.

This article about the Louisville zoo reminded me of a woman who was studying the Bible. She had one row full of different bibles in her library. In one of them I saw that man has five ways to reproduce. Yes - Benoit five ways to reproduce and the act of flesh is only one of them. I am sure it was under John XIII instead of the washing of the feet. I searched many book stores but never found another copy of this bible. Let me know if you ever find such John XIII in a bible.


Because we know many details, we assume that we also know all the basics. We may still have many things to learn about human reproduction. Imagine that, someday, our scientists tell us that some of us do not have a biological father! What a pandemonium! They may already know about it but nobody wants to open this can of worms!

Big hug


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