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2.10 What could be the purpose of life on earth ?

Dear Benoit,


You may be too young to study philosophy but sooner or later you will look around you and ask “What is the purpose of life on earth?” That will be the time to remember Pepe Brainjuice.

I explored many different possibilities and got into many dead-ends. I finally came to the conclusion that I was asking the wrong question. We should ask: “Why do the soul and the body get together?” If I could find an answer to that question, I would know the purpose of my life on earth.

Man thinking.jfif

Why would a nice little soul want to spend some time in the 5% of the material world? That does not happen by accident, like Alice falling down the rabbit hole. We must do it on purpose.  The human body is high maintenance. You have to feed it three times a day, wash it, brush its teeth, move it around and keep it at the right temperature. Transportation is always a problem. You need cars, trains, planes, ships, elevators, subways…  You have to take it to the doctor, the dentist, the oculist and the best you can expect is that it does not hurt! What could be the soul’s motivation? Are we a bunch of masochists looking for a purgatory?

B Rabbit hole - Alice.jpg

The answer could come from our concept of good and bad. We associate the purpose of our life with our idea of “Good”. That means the association of the soul with the rest of the universe. We want to get out of Plato’s cave. We want to get out of our skin and be reunited with the world. We want to be part of this current that it moving from dirt to ideas and feelings. Any flower would point us in the right direction. We want to move from the material toward the immaterial. We want to get out of our ‘5% reality’. We want to get through our glass ceiling and get access to the level above us. We want to increase our level of consciousness!

The purpose of a problem of mathematics is to make you conscious of its solution. The purpose of most of what you do at school is to increase your consciousness. The more consciousness you have, the more direct knowledge you have and the less thinking you need. 

We cannot solve a problem with the same consciousness that created it.

Albert Einstein

Judging people on their IQ is not very smart.

What is important is their level of consciousness


The fish in his pound feels free to go left and right, up and down. It is convinced that it went all over the world and has seen everything there is to see. Its glass ceiling is the surface of the water. Our glass ceiling is our limited consciousness.  

Binary star system.jpg

A love in your life would also help you get out of your skin. Lovers can be like those stars turning around each other, united by their distance. As above so below.

emoji feelings.png

And there is more. The human evolution is accelerating.

It took us more than 3000 years to make a bicycle. In less than 100 years we went from the bicycle to landing on the moon. In my lifetime I saw typewriters being replaced computers and printers. Should you learn to write or to type with two thumbs?

The decline of the Roman Empire took more than 300 years. Modern governments do it much faster. A common cause to rapid changes could be the development of human consciousness.

Can we throw off the bowlines and detach our soul from the material world?

The idea is not new. This is how we remove the dirt from our clothes. We put them in water. The dirt from our clothes is absorbed by the water and we remove our clothes from the water.

To clean itself, the soul gets into a physical body (birth).  An agitation (life) moves the dirt from the soul to the body. We remove the soul from the body (death).

You will find the same idea implemented in many different ways. Some people immerse themselves in a river to wash their sins.

B moorings.jpg

The grown-ups are confused.  Are we a mind with a body or a body with a mind?

They could agree that there is only one universe. We are in it and it is in us. You could tell them that: "We breathe dark matter and dark energy like we breathe nitrogen and oxygen. We suspected that there is some pollution in our atmosphere. We came down to the material world to learn about pollution and how to get rid of it".

That may not be the complete answer but it is something that our limited brain can understand.  Everything becomes much more simple when you accept the idea that you cannot understand everything.

-   Our main attachment to the material world is money because it can be exchanged for anything material. 

“Use but don’t abuse”

is a law of nature

that our science has

not yet discovered.

We created it because we needed a means of exchange. Our servant became our master. We need to revolt and reconquer our freedom. We will know that we have succeeded when we can use money without abusing it. “Use but don’t abuse” is a law of nature that our science has not yet discovered.


Can we get help?

Of course we can. That does not require living in a cave where there is no temptation. To the contrary! We should face the temptations and overcome them with a change in our soul. There is a lot of help at our disposal. We only have to use it. Scratching a match is a way to let heat and light enter our cave.

To get access to a higher level of consciousness, you need to find an intermediary half-way between the level of matter and the dark level.

-Take ‘heat’ for instance. It does not have a shape, a color, a weight. It belongs to the dark level but blisters make you fully conscious of its influence in the physical world.

-You could also get some help from ‘life’. It is in you but you are not directly conscious of life. You have to see its effects in the material world (such as movement) before you can imply that there was life.

-Music starts in the mind of the composer. The musicians transform it into vibrations in our material world. Dancing helps the music penetrate the body. It gets to our soul and closes the loop with the dark world. Music makes us part of a loop with the level above us.

-The main source of help may come from ‘light’. Scientists are telling us that light can manifest in two different ways: particles and radiations. There could be many more. Without the light from our sun, the earth would only be a very cold piece of rock. Some day we may find that it is the light from our sun that produced ‘the big staircase’.

-We can also use “the arts”.  Painting, sculpture, architecture are different ways to let the dark world penetrate our material world.

Every child is an artist.

The problem is how to remain

an artist once he grows up.

Pablo Picasso

Children seem to know all that. They want to sing, to dance, to draw, to paint, and create shapes with modeling clay.

Pablo Picasso said that “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up”.

You use a glass mirror

to see your face.

You use works of art

to see your soul

Bernard Shaw

Rousseau said that man was born perfect and gets corrupted by life in society. I would not pretend that I was born perfect. I would rather say that life in a dull society makes us dull. Children could draw our attention to the importance of some aspects of our life that we are neglecting. Imagine schools where parents would go to learn from the children how to reactivate their imagination and see what is behind our 5% reality!

You may have to change the way you see the world:

-     We assumed that life must be limited to something our size or smaller. Animals and microbes have our permission to host life but planet earth should be nothing more than a stack of raw materials at our disposal. It would be more realistic to say that life can be implemented in different ways at different levels. It could be life that makes the plants grow. The earth, the suns and the galaxies may very well be alive and fighting for their survival. A black hole could be to a planet what death is to a human being.

 -     In the physical world two objects cannot be at the same place. That may not apply to the immaterial world. Literature tells us of lovers united by death. Does that mean that two souls can merge like heat can merge with more heat?  You are entering a world where the human way of thinking has to change.

-     Beware of the human thinking. It needs to be guided by feelings. We have seen that our thinking must be adjusted to the proper place in space (letter 1.1 tattoo) and it must be adjusted to the proper place in time.

If you show an alien a picture of a horse jumping over a fence, he could believe that your horses can fly. You need to know what happened before and after the picture. You cannot dissociate time and space.

Developing atomic bombs and biological weapons require a lot of thinking but no feelings. To the contrary! Feelings would get in the way. It is obvious that thinking cannot be turned loose in this world. It must be kept in short leash by feelings. 

-      You may have to change the way you look at problems. To solve a problem is to become conscious of its solution. By working on them during the day, you associate the problem with some energy. At night, while you sleep, this energy may lead you to a solution. The problem is getting conscious during the day of a solution available at night. This is like trying to see the stars when the sun is shining. It is not impossible. Clues may come to mind while you are doing something else. Beware of those clues and act on them. It is like emptying your mailbox. You will not get more mail if your mailbox is full. Working on a problem during the day is providing the energy your subconscious will need at night to connect you with the solution.

-      Are we conscious of love or is it love that makes us conscious? The level 5 above us seems to be the level of consciousness. Love may originate from an even higher level. Is consciousness an implementation of love at the level of the Homo sapiens?

-      You want to get free from money. Imagine a world where money is secondary. Should you look for the highest return or invest in a company producing more happiness to society? Guns or flowers?

-      It could be wise to prepare yourself for an important reduction of the world's population. In the past two centuries the world population has been multiplied by 20. That created serious problems with the environment. It would not the first time that Mother Nature has similar problems. When there are too many preys, she increases the number of predators until they die of starvation and everybody gets back in line.  Humans have many predators such as microbes, bacteria, viruses...  and many more that we have not yet discovered.

-      What would you think of a third eye, turned inside and looking at our soul? We want to reach the point where the soul penetrates the body like heat penetrates an object - without getting attached to it.

-     We are prisoner of our own creations. We used ideas to remodel our environment and created our own jail, one stake at a time.

-     You will live in a world dominated by money, wars, sadomasochism, oppression, crimes, geopolitics, fanaticism….  Look at them as the compost that we recycle. Use them as the flower uses the dirt. Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile said Einstein.

Life on earth comes from the soul’s decision

to get associated with a physical body and

go through the distillation process.

Emoji happy.jpg

Good luck Benoit!

What an exciting life you are going to have!

We explored some questions for which we don't have a definite answer.

The purpose of life on earth is one of them. You can do better!

All you have to do is ask yourself: “What is this experience doing to my soul? Does it pull me back down to the material level or does it increase my consciousness and elevate my soul?”

If I am right, you are living an important phase of the human evolution. Future historians may identify two periods: "Before and after the humans knew what they were doing".

Don't forget to write letters to your grandchildren. It helps!


Pepe Brainjuice

​PS: I found this sign left on a door after Christmas. It has nothing to do with life’s purpose but I think that you will like it. The child did not have a very good conscience. His sign said: “Santa …. I can explain.”


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