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2.4 Don't believe everything people say

Dear Benoit,


With the internet, you have at your disposal a volume of information that my grandfather could never have dreamed of. This beautiful invention, like many others, was contaminated by human nature. The result is beautiful pearls in a lot of garbage. Don’t expect the internet to be like a dictionary where every information has been carefully checked. Treat it as raw material. It has the best and the worst. Question everything and everybody.  Don’t let anybody do your thinking for you.

I collected some examples for you:

- You will be told that the electrical current results from electrons moving along the wires. Show me how electrons can jump over a transformer! When I watch a piece of wood floating in the middle of the ocean I can see it moving up and down and sideways but it does not get carried away by the waves. Are you sure that your electrons in the wires do not move like my piece of wood in the waves? They could vibrate but remain in place. For more details you can look at "The big misconception about electricity" on You Tube.


- At the other extreme, in the infinitely big, you will be told that there are “Black holes” in the sky. Those holes are filled with very dense matter. It is so dense that even light cannot escape it. That does not sound like a hole to me. To the contrary. It could be the only place in the universe where there is no room for a hole! And where does the color “black” come from? How can you tell the color of something that you cannot see? They don’t differentiate between a color and the absence of color.

- You will be told that humans can use their thinking while animals can only use their instinct. What do you think happens when a virus is fighting for its survival and makes variants. Is it using thinking? Instinct?

I think that it is an example of a fight for survival. It is not the virus that is fighting. It is "life" fighting to maintain one of its implementations in the material world.

- There is a lot of thinking necessary to our life that we are not conscious of. Look at the food in your plate. Which part of it should be used to make hair? Heat? Nails? Mechanical energy? Memory? Blood? What can you do to compensate for a lack of some vitamins? What in your food is going to be used and what will be rejected? What should be stored in your fat for later use? That’s only the beginning. You also have to make antibodies to protect yourself against microbes, viruses, bacteria… It’s a lot of work that requires a lot of thinking. It must be done three times a day (at least) and we are not even conscious of it. All we have to do is to take a sweater when it is getting cold and avoid the bad mushrooms! Some people prey before a meal. It started as a way to acknowledge that the same law of nature that is going to make this food part of our body is also making our body part of the world.

At the other end we have planet earth keeping her many hosts alive. Without her rain we would starve. What do you think planet earth is using? Thinking? Instinct? We need a better answer and you will not find it in your schoolbooks.

emoji thinking.jpg

In 1975, Mandelbrot discovered the fractals. That could be a way to get out of our predicament. What comes to mind when we think of cauliflowers is vitamins and minerals. This is looking down at matter. Mandelbrot makes us look up and see the connection that exists between the cauliflower and the circulation of the blood in our veins and the leaves of a tree and even the lightning bolts. Instead of cutting down our cauliflower into small pieces until we get to the vitamins and the minerals we should look up in the universe for connections between the parts. Science starts by cutting the world into little pieces. That’s only a beginning. The most important remains to be done. We must get conscious of all the connections between the parts. This is where we may find lasting solutions to our problems.

Planet earth could be described as a planet of minimum consciousness.

Should I believe in god?

It all depends what you mean by god.

Are you thinking of an old man, sitting on a cloud, watching what everybody is doing? This is not god. This is Chinese surveillance.

How can you have god on one side and his creation on the other? "Creation" itself would be the link between the two. That would make God and his creations part of the same universe.

Fish aquarium.jpg

There was an aquarium in my restaurant.  I noticed that the fish kept swimming. They know that they are not getting anywhere but they keep swimming. I thought that if I were in their shoes I would just sit at the bottom of the aquarium and wait for my next meal to fall from the sky. Why do they keep swimming? Is it because they are alive? Do the fish know that there is a link between life and movement? Are they conscious that the rocks at the bottom of the aquarium are not alive because they don’t move? Would they know something about life that I don’t know?


Life is implemented in different ways in a virus, a fish, a human being, planet earth and a galaxy. This is my idea of god.

Heat transforms everything without being attached to it. This is my idea of god.

Web black hole 2.jpg

Every second my body creates 20 million new cells to replace the dead ones. I don’t think that those new cells know the purpose of their life. They don’t know about life and death but they have a role to play in the universe. That’s my idea of god.

Every second I make 500 trillion copies of hemoglobin – a cell of 10000 atoms grouped in 574 amino acids. That’s my idea of god.

My body is made of a temporary deviation in the cycle of trillions of atoms. I don’t know what regulates the traffic. This is my idea of god.

When I look outside my body, in the vast universe, everything becomes even more complicated. That’s my idea of god.

As you can see my idea of god is something way above my head that my limited human brain cannot handle. Anything I could say about it can only be an over simplification. It has to be so over-simplified that it becomes meaningless and I better not talk about it.

Benoit.  Question everything. Find a better way to see the world and try to get us closer to the meaning of our life. Every little bit helps.

Pepe Brainjuice 

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