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2.8 Good and Bad

How do you measure “Goodness”?

If you ask people what is good in life they will mention: good food - power - money - glory – being beautiful - having many sex partners - being famous… It is difficult to identify what those things have in common except that too much of them can be bad. Before we go any further, watch this video

It shows that “communication through the soul” seems to be our source of “Good”.  This is not limited to little boys and their dogs. It is pure joy. It is more likely to happen with very young animals before they have to look for their own food. In other words this communication belongs to the soul and can be overwhelmed by the body.

Their message is “Look up” to the immaterial.  Don’t look for ‘good’ in the material world. Don’t rely on your body to find pure joy. If humans can feel so close to animals, why can't they feel close to each other? What is limiting them? Their body? Their ego? Their soul? 


What happens when we grow up?

Something important happens when the child starts saying “I”. A day comes when he is 2 or 3 years old and says “I am thirsty” instead of “Peter is thirsty”. He is now conscious of being a separate human being. He has an individual ego. He divides the world into two - What is inside his skin and what is outside. Before this separation he belonged to the world and the world belonged to him. He is now going to spend the rest of his life trying to escape this isolation. This is our original problem. His first love may give him the illusion that he succeeded. That can make the first broken heart very painful.

Behind what we call “Good” is our connection with the rest of the world.


I tried to find other instances of “Good”:

 - There is the feeling of love of a mother for her child. 

 - The survival of many species starts with sexual attraction. I would assume that it must be "good"! Sexual attraction is a connection with another individual. There is something more general about it. This connection can become a link with the rest of the world. It is part of something more general. We could say that sexual attraction is a limited implementation of love at the material level.


Let’s look at its opposite: The "Bad".

By separating the world into many little pieces we open the door to conflicts between the pieces. A country may start a war with another country. A religion may fight another religion. The general tendency is that we forget that we all belong to the same species of Homo sapiens. There is a loss of consciousness. We cannot tell if we are conscious of love or if it is love that makes us conscious.


There is another way that “bad” can enter our life: We become prisoner of our own creations. Our future is limited by decisions we made in the past. The older you get, the more difficult it is to change profession. Our way of thinking is limited by the language we speak. The expert becomes prisoner of his expertise. The doctor becomes prisoner of his medications. We are prisoner of our laws and our religions and our atomic bombs. All those limitations isolate us from the rest of the world.


How does science fits into the picture?

Science starts with analysis. We divide the world into little pieces.  When I break cookies into two, I get two pieces and a force that united them. Science focuses on matter. We neglect the links that are not in the material world. When later we try to make the synthesis of the pieces, we ignore what was keeping them together. Science has no use for love. Many important things in life cannot be put in equations. Look at all the killing machines that science has produced. It could be wise to limit its use to the material world. We should use science without abusing it.


This leads to the general idea that Good and Bad result from different levels of consciousness. At a higher level of consciousness we all belong to the same world. We are united through our souls. We have escaped our body and the material world.

At a lower level of consciousness we lose the general view and can only see the pieces - like rocks appear at low tide. We sink back down to the material world.


Good and bad result from different levels of consciousness. Instead of looking for “Good” and “Bad” outside, we should look, inside ourselves, for a higher level of consciousness.

Pepe Brainjuice.

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