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Letter 1.6    The two seeds

Benoit - Are you a killer?

In the 21st century you may have an opportunity to travel to other planets. I want to give you a little idea to keep at the back of your head before you start your crusade, spready human civilization across the Milky Way. You may have been told that humans will dominate the universe with their intellect. This is pure intellectual speculation.  That could make the Martians smile politely when they find out that we cannot even dominate our own viruses. They could teach you a couple of things about yourself. They could show you that the way you decide to think about something is important if you want to avoid big mistakes.

You don't have to agree with everything I say. To the contrary.  Reject whatever does not make sense to you. Try to disprove every idea. It is in the wreckage that you may find something to recycle.


A Martian may ask you what is a tree and where your trees come from. He could say: "Let’s take two little seeds. They are identical.  If I put one in the ground, a tree will grow. If I break the other seed into pieces and put the pieces in the ground, nothing will grow. What makes the difference between a tree and no tree? Where does the tree come from?

It does not come from the atoms. They are the same in the seed and in the pieces. Could the tree be hiding in the empty space between the molecules?  If we cannot find an explanation in the material world, should we look in the immaterial world?

What is a tree?

My name is Martia

What is a tree?

Martian gilr 2.jpg

Let’s go back to the seed. In the past, the atoms of calcium may have been in the shell of an egg or in the skeleton of an animal or many other places. Being in the seed is only part of their cycle. The seed is nothing more than one step in a long process. It took thousands of trees making millions of seeds over millions of years to produce those two seeds. What is important is what happened before and what will happen after. We look at the seed like we would look at one picture taken out of a film. We look at the seeds assuming that time does not matter.


The link between the atoms of the seed is the detour that each atom has made in its cycle to be there together, at the same place, at the same time. I don’t know who is responsible for regulating the traffic but this is way above my head. By breaking the seed, I destroyed a well-organized choreography that no human brain could have created.  The way you think about something is important to avoid big mistakes.


Don't rely on what the scientists are telling you. They pretend to rely only on the material world where everything can be measured. In fact, they call “x” what they don't know and use mathematics to manipulate this “x” in many different ways that are totally independent of the nature of what they are studying. Sometimes their “x” represents something material such as a mass. It can also represent something immaterial such as gravity or heat or time or a probability or some energy. They pretend to consider only the material world and behind your back they let their ‘x’ cover anything - material or not. As my grandfather used to say: “You can’t trust anybody anymore nowadays!”

There is a good side. Mathematics teaches us how to detach our thinking from the material world. Have you ever thought that mathematics could unite the material and the immaterial? Here is an idea you may want to investigate: Could science and religion by united by mathematics? Keep me informed. I want to know.


Have you thought, Benoit, of what happens when you eat the seed? How come a little tree does not start growing in your stomach? The only explanation I can see is that your digestive system starts by crushing the seed and recycles the atoms. The process starts in your mouth. You isolate the atoms and insert them into a different cycle. Your body, Benoit, is made of recycled vegetables! We start by breaking the cycles that makes a plant and recycle the corpse! Think of the compost that your father has in a corner of his garden. That’s the idea. Your body recycles what is dead. Benoit, you are a killer!


This applies to everything around us. Before a man made the first chair, he must have had the idea of a chair. Then he broke the cycle of some tree and implemented his idea in the material world. Different ideas of chair became different chairs.  We are only conscious of the implementation in the material world of an idea that remains immaterial.


Your body, Benoit, started with an idea that got implemented in the material world. When you see your Martian, keep in mind that you both are two different implementations of an idea. It created some detours of atoms on planet earth and other detours on another planet.

What I find depressing is that I am not really conscious of what is immaterial in a human being. Imagine that you are deaf and watch people dancing. Wouldn’t you think that they are mad! The human condition is even worse. We are not conscious of the music we are dancing to. If you find this difficult to believe, look at a seed and tell me how it associates matter and time to make a tree.

Big hug 


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